There’s a new way to create books and you can participate


ESCRITOR TOKENIZADO (Tokenized Writer) produces series of novels, in a digital environment and in a democratic way. It’s a self-managed system in which anyone can become a partner in global literary projects. Investors, readers and fans at the same time, participate not only in the letters, but also in the numbers.

What is Tokenized Writer?


Introduction to the disruptive Tokenized Writer project.
“It is not the strongest of a species that survives, neither is it the most intelligent.”
Charles Darwin

Editorial Project and Marketing

What it consists of and where the idea was born.
From Best Seller author to industrialization.
From self-publishing to revolutionizing a seemingly monopolized world.

Blockchain Platform and Technology

How it is possible to democratize this project and open it to the public?
Readers, fans and investors, equally, can be part of the most ambitious project on self-publishing on a global scale.

About me

Who is Riccardo Braccaioli?

“In order to understand the present, you must know the past.”
Let me show you 8 key moments of my life, summarizing 40 years.

My books

“Your new life began when you understood that your greatest misfortune, in reality, was the greatest gift you had received.”


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